Five fun short stories for kids are there in this interactive audio storybook app. With sounds, interactive animations, cute characters, colorful backgrounds and ease of use, this app is a wonderful bedtime story book for little children.

A kid can read/listen from a collection of 5 stories including The Ant and the Grasshopper, The Fox and the Grapes, The Dove and the Ant, The Fox and the Stork and The Goose that laid the Golden Eggs. Interactive animations and sounds in every story will keep a kid engrossed.

The storybook uses simple words and is easy to read and understand for kids. There are two options for reading - Read For Me and Read By Myself. The first option has a female voice reading stories so kids can just sit back, listen and enjoy the stories. In the second option, you can read the stories to your kids or they can try to read themselves.

Small kids will love to read the stories again and again. Kids will also learn from the moral of every story.


  • Best for kids between 2-6 years.
  • Attractive pictures, cute animations and fun characters - makes reading fun.
  • Small interactive animations and sounds appear on taps to keep a child hooked.
  • 1 story is free to read. Remaining 4 are available via a single in-app purchase.